Оптовая торговля туристическим
снаряжением и одеждой по всей России

"LenAlpSport" is a national distributor company and part of sport holding group ”LenAlp”, based in Germany - specializing on outdoor market. It was based in 1993.

The holding includes travel firm "LenAlpTours" engaged in the organization and carrying out extreme (ski-tour, rafting, mountaineering) tours on the territory of Russia (Altai, Baikal, Caucasus, etc.); tourist company ”MunAlpTours” - german firm with sport hotel in Munich  , and also the firm "LenAlpSport".

LenAlpSport is dynamically developing distributor and agent of European brands in Russia. We work together with great partners from Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and China. All of our brands are positioned in the middle - middle plus and premium price segments and they all serve as high quality outdoor wear and equipment for kids and adults.

LenAlpSport has representations in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and also has a network from more than 16 regions of Russia in 65 cities. Annually we carry out two seminars for our dealers, we participate in the largest Russian Outdoor and sport exibitions, make wide advertising and promo programms of the brands. Most of the brands we present in Russia are leaders in its segments in Russia.